Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Writers wanted!

As you may realise my efforts to continue this blog are constantly batteling other work and education commitment. And I simply don't have the time to battle on writing this blog by myself.
I've always tried to keep the posts to a high standard and I wouldn't want to remove the quality of them through lack of time. 

SO ... for that reason, I would love some contributors to begin the TMF family. Nothing formal but a bit of enjoyment and music to share. Whether it's self wrote content or I provide a topic/artist. It would be amazing to bring this blog back.

Email in at themusicfuture2011@gmail.com

Abbie xox

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Satellite Tour

I'll admit, I was most looking forward to seeing Eliza and The Bear out of everyone on this tour, I didn't know much about the other acts. The way the tour works is Sons and Lovers and Eliza and The Bear alternate who goes on first and last with Fred Page always playing in the middle as though its a shared headline tour slot. I saw the tour on 6th February 2014, which was the second date of the tour. Sons and Lovers headlined this nights. All acts were incredibly exceptional however for me personally Eliza and the Bear were exceptional, they started the night off with a bang. Fred Page was a little more mellow, a guy and his guitar. Although he has an amazing voice, I'm not sure if it quite worked with the style of music due to having two strong built bands surrounding Fred Page as a solo performer. Sons and Lovers were a stereo-typical indie band, that's how I would best refer to them due their laid back performers and calming music. 

Has anyone else checked out this tour?

Abbie xox

Monday, 24 February 2014

Mallory Knox

I started to write this post about a year and half ago when perhaps Mallory Knox weren't as successful or as big as they are now. Mallory Knox are a five piece band from Cambridge, UK. Their debut album "Signals" was released in 2013 and from this point the band have grown and gone onto great things. Having started the band in 2009, they kept the audience in deep suspense to wait for their album to be released. 

You can:
- facebook them www.facebook.com/malloryknoxuk
- watch them at www.youtube.com/malloryknoxofficial1 
- tweet them at @MalloryKnoxband

Personally I love this band, I try not to put my own personal opinion into a band post. But these guys have to be in my top 5 bands. For that reason I have seen them a few times over the Summer of 2013 at various festivals and they never failed to amaze. They are a great band to see live and I would honestly say that should you get the chance to make sure you go and see them. This is their song Lighthouse. 

Abbie xox

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Time to Come Back

It's got to that point in my life where I've realised what a great thing it is that I've stopped doing, it's time to bring it back!

Abbie xox

Saturday, 2 March 2013


Highrise are a hardcore rock band from Worcestershire, England. This six piece band have been together for only a few months but the band has existed since 2008. They are an ultimate live experience that is a crowd pleasing band, they can excite a crowd and easily set anyone up for a good night.
You can:
I have had the pleasure of seeing this band live. I fortunately was able to book them to play at my Student's Union in February 2013, it was a great night. All the bands were so supportive of each other and we were able to have a great night the crowd really enjoyed the band. This is the video for their song Monsters, it is fairly old but it still portrays their sound.
Abbie xox

Saturday, 12 January 2013


File:Haim band.jpeg

Haim are the American three piece girl group. They are an R&B pop group following a nineties style. They first formed in 2006 but have probably been bought to most people's attentions lately because they have been titled sound of 2013

You can:
- facebook them www.facebook.com/haimtheband
- watch them at www.youtube.com/HAIMtheband
- tweet them www.twitter.com/HAIMtheband
- visit their website www.HAIMtheband.com

I'll admit that I'm not sure of my opinion of this band, I think they have quite a unique and individual sound. Their music is bought together really well by the strong melodies of each track which works really well with their vocals. I'll leave you to make your own opinion of them. This is their newest song Forever.

Abbie xox

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Harry Gibson

Harry Gibson is a young artist from my hometown, Kent. A young lad with a great deal of talent and passion for music. Harry is 17 years old and is a wonderful singer and songwriter, his talent and ear for music sets him off for a great future.

You can:
- Facebook him www.facebook.com/HarryJamesGibsonUK
- Listen to him on Soundcloud www.soundcloud.com/Harryjamesgibson

My first knowledge of Harry came from Cranbrook Music Festival, after he asked to be part of the festival I felt the need to do a bit of digging on him. I was very much looking forward to seeing him perform at the festival as he had come across as such an enthusiastic musician I was very much delighted when I went to the venue he was playing and physically couldn't get in through the door because it was packed with people. I can only wish him the best for his future in music and hope that he achieves the success which he deserves.

Abbie xox

Friday, 4 January 2013

Slam Dunk Festival

This years Slam Dunk Festival is looking like a good one, the announced bands are amazing especially with All Time Low headlining. Slam Dunk have also introduced a Midlands show in Wolverhampton which is really expanding the festival well.
I can't wait for 2013 Slam Dunk to come around especially as I am lucky enough to be going, so I can only count-down the day until I get to go. I hope to see some of you there.
Abbie xox