Thursday, 10 January 2013

Harry Gibson

Harry Gibson is a young artist from my hometown, Kent. A young lad with a great deal of talent and passion for music. Harry is 17 years old and is a wonderful singer and songwriter, his talent and ear for music sets him off for a great future.

You can:
- Facebook him
- Listen to him on Soundcloud

My first knowledge of Harry came from Cranbrook Music Festival, after he asked to be part of the festival I felt the need to do a bit of digging on him. I was very much looking forward to seeing him perform at the festival as he had come across as such an enthusiastic musician I was very much delighted when I went to the venue he was playing and physically couldn't get in through the door because it was packed with people. I can only wish him the best for his future in music and hope that he achieves the success which he deserves.

Abbie xox

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