Friday, 19 August 2011

Olly Murs

Any X Factor fan will know who Olly Murs is the male singer. He is even set to present this years xtra factor. Olly Murs is a solo artist and he sings pop with a reggae fusion side almost a swing style to his music. I think that this is really good to the music industry as Olly Murs is bringing back an older style of music and making it cool once again. Although he is famous for his hat wearing ability and always having a different hat on he is his own character. He always appears to be a warm hearted individual. He has released his debut album entitled Olly Murs and is in the process of completing his second album.

You can:
- visit his website
- facebook him
- tweet him
- watch him

I am hoping that one day I will get to see Olly Murs live, I've heard that he puts on quite a show and that he puts on a good show for anyone to see. Let me know if any of you have seen him, what your opinions are of him performing live?
This is Olly Murs performing Heart on my sleeve.

Abbie xox

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