Sunday, 7 August 2011

Justin Bieber

There is no way a music blog could exist without a mention about Justin Bieber. I feel no need to explain who he is but simply the Canadian teen heartthrob seems to cover it. Justin Bieber has also managed to create a split in opinions. Unless you are a young teenage girl or a boy below teenage age you seem to love him but anything out of those margins just purely isn't acceptable. I think for everyone older than that is the fact that he does sound like a girl, but that can be seen as his vocal range being very impressive. I will happily say that when he start out I totally hated him, everything about him just made my skin crawl with hatred. But there was a time where a few of my friends went to one of his concerts so I decided that I would do a little bit of digging and see what all the fuss was about. I watched a video of him performing in London, I was prepared to hate it as soon as I had pressed play. But there wasn't any music to start with and it was just him talking to the crowd and taking an interest in everyone. It actually made me start to like him a little bit, I do still think he is quite cocky and knows that he is this big teen sensation and even uses that which is an annoying skill to have. But I am starting to appreciate that he is quite young and all of what he does, I am roughly the same age as him and I don't think I could manage the lifestyle that he does. I will clarify that I am not going to start going out and buying his album or to let any of his songs go onto my iPod but I do remove myself from the Justin Bieber hating group.

I shall leave you to make your mind up about him with one  of his songs, this is Never Let You Go by Justin Bieber.

Do you have respect for Justin Bieber?
Abbie xox

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