Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Concept are a five piece boy band based in Basingstoke in England, all of the boys are 17 years old so are all still fairly young in the whole prospect of things. Concept consists of Matt, Karim, Scott, Nathan and wonderful guitarist Ben. There is basically no information about them online and its a nightmare to try and put together. But they are a really lovely band and seem to always care about their fans which is so lovely to see.
You can:
- tweet them
- watch them at
- facebook
I really can't tell you anything more than this for now but the boys are due to release their single 7teen in December which will be something to look out for. They played a clip of it on their last twitcam and I'll be honest that it was nothing like I was expecting but if the rest of their songs follow suit it may even be a little cheesy but we shall see how that turns out. Check out them covering Ed Sheeran's A- Team at somebodies house. They perform acoustic pop so well which is great for them.

Abbie xox

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