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There isn't really that much I can tell you about myself, it will be something that you learn along the way. I aim to always be a positive person, because "there is no use crying over spilt milk". I am now currently studying Live Events and Music Management at Buckinghamshire New University. I like to keep active, I’d say I’m one of those people who is easily bored and can’t wait to start the next thing. Home for me is South-East of England and have done my whole life. I like to travel abroad but I always feel shameful that I've hardly seen any of the country that I live in. I love watching live music and wish I went to a lot more of it, any band or artist sounds a million times better live with the atmosphere and enthusiasm coming through to the audience. I think the best live music events you can go to are festivals with all the different stages available that way there is always something which will take your fancy as most good festivals will set the stages up in different genres of music in order to appeal to different people. That way there is always something for everyone. I can't decide if something like Glastonbury appeals to me, mainly because of the mud but because of all the different people and the large space. To me it generally seems a bit like a nightmare trying to survive there over the time.

I do appologise for my lack of standard English throughout my blog, as a previous A Level English student I really am very terrible at spelling, grammar and punctuation. I drive my friends crazy by it.

I think that is about all I can tell you for now, if you want to know anything more then drop me a comment. Or if you can tweet me at www.twitter.com/themusicfuture or if you want to ask me something more private than email me at themusicfuture2011@gmail.com I'm always happy to hear from you.

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Abbie xox

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