Friday, 5 August 2011

Broken Hands

This photo I took myself at LOTF
Broken Hands are a boy band based in Canterbury made up of four members, although they haven't always been Broken Hands originally they were known as the Onlookers but I'm afraid I cannot give you any more information about what happened to this version of the band. I can't quite seem to specify the genre of music that I'd put this band into so if you have any ideas then let me know but at a wild shot I'd say Indie Pop.

You can :
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I have been fortunate enough to see Broken Hands live which was where I first found out about them at Lounge on the Farm 2011, they are incredibly good and got the crowd pumped. Although they weren't playing on the main stage they still managed to leave a memorable mark from my first festival experience. They often play at lots of pubs and Canterbury based venues. Even making trips up to London to please their fans. They are currently in the process of producing some more recordings of their songs in order to release their first EP. But currently they are offering anyone a free download of their song "What you've Taken" from their website so check it out. (The download isn't as straightforward as it seems, once you've got to the download stage you need to click on the album which is priced £0.00 because you obviously don't want to buy it and click add to basket then continue the process as you would a normal Internet shop, or at least that's what I had to do).
I will live you with a video of a live version of "What you've taken" by Broken Hands.

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