Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Satellite Tour

I'll admit, I was most looking forward to seeing Eliza and The Bear out of everyone on this tour, I didn't know much about the other acts. The way the tour works is Sons and Lovers and Eliza and The Bear alternate who goes on first and last with Fred Page always playing in the middle as though its a shared headline tour slot. I saw the tour on 6th February 2014, which was the second date of the tour. Sons and Lovers headlined this nights. All acts were incredibly exceptional however for me personally Eliza and the Bear were exceptional, they started the night off with a bang. Fred Page was a little more mellow, a guy and his guitar. Although he has an amazing voice, I'm not sure if it quite worked with the style of music due to having two strong built bands surrounding Fred Page as a solo performer. Sons and Lovers were a stereo-typical indie band, that's how I would best refer to them due their laid back performers and calming music. 

Has anyone else checked out this tour?

Abbie xox

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