Thursday, 3 November 2011

Stop, Drop, Rock - Magazine

If anyone out their read my blog often then you would be picking up on my love for Stop, Drop, Rock who are an amazing little company who seem to be doing a bit of everything.
At the moment they are considering starting their own magazine, but they want your opinions of what to include in it.
So far they are thinking a new music section but that's about it so far. (it's a very new idea)
Tweet them at @stopdroprock if you have any ideas for them or comment on this post and I'll pass any ideas over to them. I am so excited about their magazine, it'll be amazing.

Also just wanted to say that FYI are doing lots of twitcams lately (although they do crash a lot), but if anyone has become a fan of them like I have then they are worth checking out. Visit their twitter @FYIOfficial for the links needed to see and chat to them. They read pretty much every comment you send them and always reply back to you. It's even just nice if you fancy a chat and some good music.

Abbie xox

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